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Free Shipping across Peninsular Malaysia on orders above RM100*

[CLEARANCE] Rabbit enriched with Marigold for Kittens


Carnilove Wild-Origin Fillets in Gravy have a high meat content of 85%. Feed as complete food or delicious topping for kibbles.

Highly digestible and nutritious rabbit meat to support digestive tract health. The very low content of fat helps maintain overall condition. Marigold has anti-inflammatory properties and has a beneficial effect on the skin, coat, joints, and heart. It promotes healthy joints and suppresses allergic reactions.

Expiry 15 Apr 2022

Rabbit with Marigold Formula

  • Wet Cat Food
  • Complete & Balanced for main meal
  • Suitable for Kitten, All Breeds
  • Chicken-based recipe
  • No grains, no potatoes
  • No GMO, no soy, no sugar
  • No preservatives, no colourants
  • Net weight per pouch 85g

[Scroll down for Ingredients List, Feeding Guide and Guaranteed Analysis.]

  • 85% meat in fillets (71% chicken, 14% rabbit), 12% broth, 1% marigold, 1% linseed oil, 0.5% minerals, 0.5% vegetable starch.

    Nutritional Composition in 1kg: vitamin D3 (E671) 280 I.U., vitamin E (3a700) 160 mg, biotin (3a880) 0.8 mg, zinc (3b606) 15 mg, manganese (3b502) 4 mg, iron (3b103) 12 mg, copper (3b405) 0.5 mg, iodine (3b201) 0.8 mg, taurine (3a370) 600 mg.

  • The daily amount depends on age, size, level of activity, and environment. The opened package can be frozen, or must be stored in the fridge and used within 3 days.

    Make sure your cat has access to fresh water at all times.

    Weight (kg) Feed (pouches)
    3 2
    4 - 6
    3 - 4
    6 - 8
    4 - 6

    Above guide based on per day servings.

    Metabolic Energy: 825 Kcal/kg.

  • Crude Protein 9.5%
    Crude Fat
    Crude Fibre 0.5%
    Crude Ash 2.5%
    Moisture 82.0%
    Calcium 0.15%
    Sodium 0.3%
    Omega-3 0.2%

    Contains natural antioxidants.

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