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Free Shipping across Peninsular Malaysia on orders above RM100*

Dental Hygiene Chews


  • Plaque and calculus are very common problems in dogs. Plaque forms when bacteria attach to teeth, and over time, this plaque hardens to form calculus (tartar). The accumulation of plaque and calculus can lead to bad breath and other problems.

    The dual-action approach of OraVet Chews doesn’t just clean teeth and freshen breath. It creates a barrier to help protect against plaque, calculus, and bad breath.

    Dental Hygiene Chews
    • Suitable for Dogs of All Breeds
    • Cleans teeth
    • Removes plaque and tartar
    • Prevents bacterial attachment
    • Fights bad breath at the source
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Size: Extra Small (For Dogs <4.5kg)
  • 0.1% (wt/wt) delmopinol HCI contained in a proprietary formulation.


    • Weigh dog to ensure you give the appropriate sized chew.
    • Do not overdose or divide the chew as this may present a risk of choking. Monitor your dog until the chew is fully consumed.
    • Do not give more than one chew per day to each dog in the household.
    • Do not give to cats.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • For dogs 6 months of age and older.
    • Store at room temperature (20C - 25C)
    • Keep in wrapper until ready to use. Do not use if open.
  • Feed your dog 1 Oravet chew per day.

    Weight Chew Size
    <4.5kg Extra Small
    4.5kg - 11.0kg
    11.0kg - 23.0kg
    >23.0kg Large

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