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Free Shipping across Peninsular Malaysia on orders above RM100*

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it suitable to feed Coco & Joe BARF to all breeds and all ages of dogs?
Coco & Joe BARF diet is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Age 3 to 4 weeks old and above.

Is Coco & Joe BARF a complete meal? Do I have to feed my dog any other supplements?
Coco & Joe BARF diet is a complete meal. However, you can add coconut oil, fish oil, herbs or any natural supplements to the serving. We also recommend you rotate the recipes so your dog will be getting different protein source.

Is Coco & Joe BARF nutritionally balanced for my dog to be eating long term?
Coco & Joe BARF is a complete and nutritionally balanced raw diet for long term use. We have 14 years experience in raw feeding.

Do I need to do anything to prep my dog before feeding BARF?
If your dog has worms, the worms are likely to benefit from a BARF diet. We recommend that you ensure that your dog is properly dewormed before putting them on a BARF diet.

My dog has skin allergies, will Coco & Joe help?
Skin allergies come in many forms. It can be contact allergy (for example, allergic to the cleaning detergents we use) or food allergy. Food allergies can be from the gluten or certain chemicals that is in the food or they are allergic to certain overly processed protein in the food. Coco & Joe BARF is a natural food source with no preservatives, no artificial flavouring, no gluten. It is made from 100% human grade ingredients.

My dog has kidney issues, can he/she take Coco & Joe?
We do not recommend Coco & Joe BARF diet for end stage kidney patients.

My vet does not recommend a raw diet. How do I know Coco & Joe is safe?
Most Vets do not agree with raw feeding based on a number of reasons:
1) Raw food is made from poor quality ingredients like meat dust
2) They worry about bacteria in raw food
3) There is no nutritional testing
4) They worry about Trichinosis and also pork tapeworms

Coco & Joe BARF diet is made from the freshest human grade ingredients we can find and we do not use meat dust or low quality meat. This will lower the chance of any bacteria contamination. We freeze our raw diet at negative 20 degree celcius to kill off live bacteria and parasites. Dogs' stomach acids can deal with the residue bacteria. We do not use raw pork in our recipes as pork may contain pork tapeworms and also cause trichinosis. Coco & Joe BARF diet is nutritionally tested and we have tested the recipes on many dogs over the past 14 years. We are the only BARF diet brand that is available in veterinary clinics.

Feeding and Serving

How do I serve Coco & Joe?
Coco & Joe BARF diet can be served frozen, slightly frozen or thawed. Some dogs like them frozen so they can chew and exercise their teeth. Some like it completely thawed. To thaw it, simply move it from the freezer to the fridge the night before for your morning servings and do the same in the morning for your evening servings.

Can I cook/heat it up before serving them to my dogs? 
Cooking will destroy the nutrients and also the natural enzymes in raw food. BARF diet contains raw bone. Cooked bone is dangerous to dogs but raw bone is easily digested by dogs. Therefore it is not recommended to cook it. You can warm it up by placing Coco & Joe BARF diet in a stainless steel bowl and place the bowl in warm water to warm it up. Warming BARF diet this way will not cook the raw diet. Most dogs like it cold but for old, sick dogs or young puppies, you can try warming the BARF diet. After the raw diet is warmed up, it should be consumed as fast as possible to prevent bacteria growth.

Can I mix Coco & Joe with other dog food that I’m currently feeding?
Raw food has different digestion time from processed food. You can feed kibbles and BARF diet at a separate time. Mixing them together can cause soft stool. You can try feeding kibbles in the morning and BARF diet at night.

How much do I feed them?
Adults: Feed 2% to 4% of its body weight per day. If you feel your dog is thin, then start with 4% of its body weight per day and then reassess it later. If you have an overweight dog, then start with 2%. Monitor your dog's weight regularly to adjust the amount you feed.

Puppies: Feed 3% to 6% its body weight per day. Divide the daily amount into 2 to 4 meals. (Note: Remember to weigh your puppy at least once a week as they grow so fast and you want to ensure they are fed the correct amount of BARF).

Bitches in whelp: Feed as per normal in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Increase to 3% to 4% of her body weight from week 5 to week 7. Increase to 4% to 6% in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Monitor your dog's weight regularly to adjust the amount you feed.

Transitioning and Reaction

My dog is currently on a dry food/kibble diet, can I switch to Coco & Joe straight away?
There are two ways to switch to Coco & Joe.

1) Fast switch: This means you can introduce Coco & Joe BARF immediately after you stop your dog's current diet. But please be mindful that this may be more suitable for healthy young dogs and some dogs do very well with fast switch, but some may require the slow switch.

2) Slow switch: A dog that has never taken a raw meal before may not be able to digest raw food initially, so it is recommended that you introduce the BARF diet slowly. Start 25% of their daily amount (and 75% current diet), then increase to 50% (and 50% current diet) and gradually work towards 100%. Adding a tablespoon of plain yogurt to the meal will help with the process.

I’ve just started my dog on Coco & Joe and my dog broke out in rashes/vomited/experienced diarrhea/loose stools - is this normal?
Dogs changing to raw diet may experience some detoxification. Some do not experience detoxification at all. Their symptoms may include vomiting, loose stool and pimples/rashes. These symptoms are usually transient and mild and do not cause any serious issues.

How do I know any of the symptoms above isn’t anything more serious?
Usually these symptoms are mild. If your dog is active and is eating and drinking as per normal and the body temperature is normal then there should not be any reason to worry.
My dog has been drink less water than usual since starting Coco&Joe BARF, is there something wrong? How do I get them to drink more water?
Drinking less water while on a BARF diet is fairly common as raw foods contain as high as 70% in moisture, in comparison to kibbles/dry food which contains only 10% moisture. If your dog is as active as usual and does not appear to be any different then they will be fine.


Is there an expiry date for Coco & Joe products?
The expiry date is one year if kept frozen. All Coco & Joe products will be labelled with an expiry date. If it is thawed at room temperature then it should not be re-frozen and has to consumed within 4 hours.

Can I put Coco & Joe products in the fridge?
Coco & Joe BARF is preservative free so it has to be kept frozen. It is safe for 24 hours on the fridge level (2 to 4 degree Celcius).

The meat smells funny/weird, my dog won’t eat it - what do I do?
Coco & Joe BARF diet is without any artificial flavourings. It should have a fresh meat and vegetable smell. Dogs that are very used to food with a lot of flavouring may not take BARF diet readily. It may take some time for your dog to adjust. You can start it as a treat then slowly increase the amount.

How do I know if the food has gone bad?
Normally Coco & Joe BARF diet will look pinkish except for the duck recipe that looks a bit yellowish. If you see white or grey colour, or frozen blood on the side of the pack then it may not be fresh. Please return to the seller and we will replace the pack for you. Usually dogs will not eat them if it has gone bad.


Where can I purchase some Coco&Joe BARF?
Our products are available in a number of pet shops all over Malaysia. Please contact us for your nearest available pet shop. Delivery services to your address is also available in Shah Alam, Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Kuala Lumpur with a minimum order of RM50 and free deliveries on orders above RM200. If you are outside of the delivery coverage area but live/work in Selangor, you may contact to see if they can accommodate your order.